Baker Farm is located in Rock Hill, SC.  Farmer Allen and his pack of #tinyfarmers, Emma, Mary Claire, and Olivia, handle the majority of the farm work and chores while I prefer to spend my time with yarn in hand or elbows deep in dough.  We dabble in a little of this and that, attempting to create a homestead environment for our family and community.


We purchased the farm in 2006 from the Gryders who had owned the property (along with a lot more of the surrounding land) since the 1800’s.  For the first few years we affectionately referred to our spot as “Gryder.”  After spending quite a while working out the gardens, putting up fencing for livestock, renovating and adding onto the house, investing blood, sweat, tears, and many, many dollars it was time for the farm to get a proper name – Baker Farm.


Now you can find us tending sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, cows, pigs, or the garden.  Building things, baking things, or crocheting.  Crafting and creating.

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